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We offer customers the finest Self Adhesive Tape at highly competitive prices. Our Printed Bopp Packaging Tape boasts remarkable strength, durability, and adhesion, rendering it an ideal choice for heavy-duty packaging purposes. At Adwait Industries, we present a wide selection of BOPP Tapes, including Transparent Tape, Printed Tape, Transparent Self Adhesive Tape, Color Tapes, and Bopp Packing Tape in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Bopp Tape in Mumbai

Our extensive range of Bopp Tapes caters to varying requirements, encompassing different sizes, thicknesses, colors, and adhesive strengths. We comprehend the individuality of each customer's demands and make it our mission to provide tailored solutions that perfectly align with their specific needs.

What is Bopp Tape?

BOPP tape, also known as biaxially oriented polypropylene tape, is derived from polypropylene a thermoplastic polymer renowned for its exceptional qualities and characteristics. This versatile material exhibits malleability at specific temperatures and solidifies upon cooling. Additionally, BOPP tape can be easily cut when necessary. Adwait Industries is the top leading manufacturer of BOPP Tape in Mumbai.


  • Laminated structure: BOPP tape is very thin, about 40 microns thick, and uses a water-based adhesive. These tapes adhere well to boxes and packages. Additionally, manufacturers benefit from the production of these tapes as the thin film construction reduces material requirements.
  • High strength: Manufactured from thermoplastics, these tapes are known for their high tensile strength in both low and high temperature applications. Therefore, even with rugged handling, tearing the adhesive tape does not hurt. Dimensional stability:
  • Moisture resistance: Since the adhesive itself is water-based, it has excellent moisture resistance. Prevents the tape from peeling off surfaces in humid environments.
  • Smooth surface: It provides a very smooth surface and eliminates shock when applying these tapes.


  • Packaging: One of the primary uses of Bopp tape is for sealing boxes and packages. It provides a strong and secure bond, making it ideal for packaging applications in industries such as e-commerce, logistics, retail, and manufacturing.
  • Carton sealing: Bopp tape is extensively used for sealing cartons and corrugated boxes. Its ability to adhere well to various surfaces ensures that packages remain intact during transportation and handling.
  • Branding and labeling: Bopp tape can be printed with company logos, messages, or promotional information, making it an effective tool for branding and marketing purposes.
  • Lamination: Bopp tape is used in laminating applications to protect documents, photographs, and other materials from moisture and wear.
  • Bookbinding: In bookbinding, Bopp tape is used to reinforce the edges of book covers, providing added protection and longevity to the books.


  • Q1: What is the Bopp tape's full form?
    Ans: BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene.
  • Q2: Is Bopp made of plastic?
    Ans: BOPP is a popular label material made of plastic.
  • Q3:Can BOPP be reused?
    Ans: BOPP films are reusable and recyclable.

Product Details:

Usage/Application Packaging
Color Brown
Material BOPP
Type Single Sided

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