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Adwait Industries is one of the leading Bopp Tape Manufacturers in Pune, Suppliers and Dealers in Pune, Chakan, Chakan MIDC, Shirwal and Shirwal MIDC. Find the best quality of Bopp Tape in Pune.

We are provided with high-quality Bopp adhesive tape in Pune to our customer’s at the most reasonable prices. Our self-adhesive tape has excellent strength, durability, and adhesion, making it ideal for heavy-duty packaging tasks. This is also a dependable solution for long-term storage and shipping due to its strong resistance to UV light, moisture, and heat.

BOPP Tape in Pune

We are Pune-based manufacturers of BOPP tapes in Pune, this tape used in both residential and commercial settings for packaging shipments. Bopp tape provides stronger adhesion and bonding strength compared to other types of tape. Bopp Self Adhesive Tape is better resistance to moisture, making it suitable for various environments and conditions.

What is BOPP Tape?

BOPP tape is available in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses and widths to meet various packaging requirements. Because of its clarity, that keeps labels and information that is written on packages visible even after sealing. In addition, BOPP tape can be customized using various adhesives, such as solvent-based, hot melt and acrylic adhesives for certain uses.

Bopp tape, also known as biaxially oriented polypropylene tape, is a widely used adhesive material for packaging applications. It consists of a thin layer of polypropylene film that is coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that becomes malleable at specific temperatures and solidifies upon cooling. Apart from its malleability, polypropylene exhibits attributes such as resistance to abrasion, chemicals, cracking, and moisture. The surface of the film is suitable for printing and coating, making it ideal for custom-printed packaging tapes.Adwait Industries is the leading BOPP tape manufacturers in Pune, providing packaging tapes, industrial tapes, adhesive tapes.


  • Superior Adhesion: The pressure-sensitive adhesive on tape ensures secure bonding to a wide range of surfaces, including cardboard, plastic, metal, and more.
  • High Tensile Strength: This tape is known for its exceptional strength, making it resistant to breakage or tearing during handling and transit.
  • Temperature Resistance: BOPP Adhesive Tapes maintains its adhesive properties in both high- and low-temperature environments, ensuring reliable performance under diverse conditions.
  • Moisture and Chemical Resistance: The polypropylene film and adhesive coating of tape provide excellent resistance to moisture, solvents, and chemicals.
  • Clarity and Printability: BOPP tapes are available in various transparent and colour options, allowing for easy identification and customization through printing.

Applications and Uses

  • Packaging & Carton Sealing: BOPP tape offers a strong seal for boxes, ensuring that items are contained and protected during transportation.
  • Bundling and Strapping: It is often used for bundling multiple items together or reinforcing packages for added stability.
  • Stationery and Office Supplies: BOPP Packing Tape is a well-liked option for multipurpose projects like gift-wrapping, crafts, and light-duty repairs.
  • Manufacturing and Logistics: Bopp Self Adhesive Tape is used for dependable and efficient packaging in a variety of industries, including food, beverage, electronics, and appliances.

Selecting BOPP Tape

  • Thickness: For heavy things, thicker tapes provide superior strength.
  • Strength of adhesive: Select the adhesive according to the application and the weight of the objects to be fastened.
  • Breadth: Larger boxes or bundles are better covered and held in place by wider tapes.
  • Transparency/clarity: Use colorful tape for some purposes or clear tape for visibility.


    Q: Can Bopp Tape be used for heavy packages?

  • A: Absolutely! Bopp Tape's high tensile strength and superior adhesive properties make it suitable for both lightweight and heavy-duty packages.
  • Q: How long does Bopp Tape's adhesive last?

  • A: The adhesive longevity of Bopp Tape depends on various factors such as storage conditions and application surface. Generally, it maintains its adhesive properties for an extended period.
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