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We are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional products and services. Our Kraft paper tape is manufactured using the highest quality standards and we are confident that it will meet the needs of our customers. We have a team of experts on hand to answer any questions and provide guidance on how to best use our products.

Kraft Paper Tape in Pune

We guarantee that our aluminum foil tape provides superior adhesion and durability for all your needs. The tape is designed to resist moisture, heat, and UV rays, making it the perfect choice for any environment.

Kraft paper tape is a common choice for packing and shipping applications across a variety of industries because it combines strength, eco-friendliness, security and customization options.

What is Kraft Paper Tape?

Kraft paper, a strong and durable material created from wood pulp, is used to make kraft paper tape, a kind of packing tape. It is frequently utilized in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, retail, e-commerce and packaging to seal boxes, cartons, and packages.

Kraft paper tape is a type of adhesive tape made from Kraft paper. It is commonly used in the packaging industry for sealing boxes and cartons.

Common applications of kraft paper tape include:

  • Box sealing and fastening: Frequently utilized as a substitute for plastic packing tape in environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Object bundling and wrapping: Suitable for safely bundling or wrapping a variety of goods, such as wires, cables, or tools.
  • Repairing and strengthening:: May be used to patch up rips in paper, textiles, or other materials, or strengthen the corners of boxes.
  • Crafting and labeling: Its writing surface is perfect for adding decorative elements to craft projects or labeling boxes and parcels.
  • Features:

    • 1. Strong adhesive: Craft paper tape has a strong adhesive that sticks firmly to most surfaces.
    • 2. Tear-resistant: It is made from a tough Kraft paper that is tear-resistant, making it ideal for packaging heavy items.
    • 3. Water-resistant: This paper tape is water-resistant, which means it can withstand exposure to moisture without losing its adhesive properties.
    • 4. Easy to write on: The surface of craft paper tape is smooth, making it easy to write on with a marker or pen.
    • 5. Environmentally friendly: It is made from natural Kraft paper, which is an eco-friendly material.


    • 1. Packaging: It is commonly used for sealing boxes and cartons in the packaging industry.
    • 2. Shipping: Kraft paper tape is ideal for securing packages for shipping, as it is durable and can withstand rough handling.
    • 3. Crafts: It is also popular in the arts and crafts community for use in creating paper-based projects.
    • 4. Labelling: This paper tape is often used for labelling items or marking boxes for storage.
    • 5. Home use: It can be used for various household applications, such as repairing torn pages of a book or securing loose items.


    • 1. Is kraft paper tape recyclable?
      Ans: It's true , kraft paper tape is recyclable.
    • 2. What is Kraft paper tape?
      Ans: One kind of tape for packing manufactured from natural kraft paper is called kraft paper tape. It's frequently used to seal cartons, boxes, and packages.
    • 3. Is kraft paper tape sticky?
      Ans: This Kraft paper packaging tape sticks without the need for moisture because it is completely self-adhesive.

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